Youth Lunch


The youth will meet for a brief, light lunch in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the worship service. Following lunch, they will proceed to the Choir Room to participate in a variety of musical and artistic activities that will enhance our worship experiences.

We are asking for parents and small groups to take turns preparing the meal. We also laying a strong foundation for our teenagers to participate in the process. This helps us promote teamwork, responsibility, and lessens the burden for any one staff member or leader. Here are the specifics:

* Lunch will take place in the FELLOWSHIP HALL (note change of space from last Fall)
* Parents and Small Group members may choose to donate the meal or be reimbursed for their expenses. We encourage everyone to prepare simple meals that are inexpensive and fairly easy to setup/clean-up.
* Generally speaking, we are feeding 20-25 youth/leaders
* Please bring food on Sunday morning. Refrigerated items should be kept on the right side of the fridge in the kitchen. Everything else should be placed on the rolling cart in the kitchen.
* You may choose to bring a crock pot and leave it plugged in, in the kitchen during worship.
* You will want to bring containers to bring your leftovers home.
* You will find the ice machine and water pitchers in the kitchen. We are only serving water as it is the healthiest option, less messy, and less expensive.
* The staff will setup two tables plus chairs in the Fellowship Hall.
* All of the Paper supplies and Clorox wipes will be placed on the rolling cart.
* All youth participants will proceed to the kitchen directly after worship.