Current News


Currently, the membership of Tabernacle Baptist Church has blossomed into a congregation of great diversity, but all members share a commitment to service and a love for God. At present, about one-third of the congregation is comprised of refugees from Burma, now Myanmar.  These refugees come out of a violent political climate in Burma in which their people are being attacked and killed by the Burmese government. Refugees, seeking asylum  from their authoritarian government, have been forced to travel to refugee camps on the border of Thailand and Burma before making their way to the U.S. The Karen, Chin, Kachin, Karenni, and Lisu ethnicities are all present in the congregation. Another third of the membership is made up of young adults, some single, some married, and some with children. The other third are long-time members of Tabernacle Baptist Church. Among the entire membership one can find every stop on the spectrum from conservative to liberal, but the Church is united in its love for God and its commitment to service.

In the new millennium, the Church has been blessed with an opportunity to re-embrace its original mission as an educator and nurturer of children. Homework tutoring on Wednesday afternoons precedes a fellowship dinner and educational evening in which everyone, from the smallest children to the adults, have the opportunity of Bible study and worship music. The Youth group and Family Group may participate in Sunday School and fellowship activities both in Church and in the community. On Thursdays and Fridays, Tabernacle Baptist Church hosts a variety of musical lessons for the community, highlighting its strong worship arts program. In the summer, children of the Church may participate in camps, and the adults and older youth participate in mission trips to camps both locally and at our sister church in New York City, all of which nurture children.  The Tabernacle Baptist Church Child Care Center continues to serve God by fulfilling a community need to care for young children and their families.  We seek to integrate our children and youth into everything that we do.

Tabernacle Baptist Church continues to serve those of all ages through its long-time and flourishing Food Pantry and Clothes Closet ministries. On Thursdays, those in need in the 23220 and 23221 zip codes are provided with food and clothing through our ministries. The Church also hosts an annual Fan Feast during the Thanksgiving season that serves as an opportunity for Fan neighbors to enjoy a warm meal while becoming better acquainted, and a Christmas basket ministry to provide a little extra food to families during the holiday season. Volunteers are always welcome!

The music ministry at Tabernacle Baptist Church continues to be very active. Its Choirs, Soloists, & Ensembles participate in the worship services and present several concerts and programs throughout the year. Our Sanctuary Choir sings various styles of music from classical to contemporary. We meet for rehearsals on Wednesday nights from 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM in the Music Suite.  Christmas In The Fan, the Bruton Parish Concert in Colonial Williamsburg, and the Tabernacle Baptist Church’s hosting of community performing organizations continue our tradition of nurturing the arts as a manifestation of worship and praising God.

Please visit and consider becoming part of our story. All receive a warm welcome at Tabernacle Baptist Church.