The Reservoir Mission School was founded May 15, 1887 from which the West View Baptist Sunday School developed on January 19, 1890. On January 28, 1890 the Sunday School became West View Baptist Church. West View Baptist Church was erected in 1891 at the corner of Cary and Meadow. In 1900 it was dismantled, moved, and reconstructed at the northeast corner of Grove and Meadow (across the street from our current location).

The newly reconstructed building opened its doors for worship on January 20, 1901. Reverend Walter P. Hines was the first pastor of West View Baptist Church and served for four years. Dr. I. Morton Mercer was called in November 1894 and served for eleven years.

Reverend William L. Ball was called as pastor of West View Baptist Church November 1905 and served for thirteen years. At the suggestion of Reverend Ball, the West View Baptist Church was renamed Tabernacle Baptist Church effective January 6, 1907. Almost immediately the new Tabernacle Baptist Church made plans to purchase the lot on the southeast corner of Grove and Meadow. The official ground breaking ceremonies for the new building were held on September 17, 1910. Formal excavation for the new building began September 26, 1910. The congregation was growing rapidly and at the end of 1910, church membership was 638 with 778 persons enrolled in various Bible School groups.