Children & Families


Lent (2013):

During the Lenten season the children will be participating in worship in two ways.  The children who attend the Wednesday evening program will be leading a song “Nets of Love” which they will rehearse during the choir time.   The children who are not available to attend that rehearsal will help to weave the “net of love” on the large loom in the front of the sanctuary.  Instructions for the weaving will be given on Sunday mornings at 10:30.

Both the singers and weavers should be in the sanctuary at that time.   If your child is interested in participating in the weaving project you should contact a church staff member.  The weaving project will be finished on Sunday March 17th in anticipation of Palm Sunday and Holy Week.  There will be a Palm procession again this year on Palm Sunday, March 24th.  The children will be participating in the worship service each Sunday in March!

We are looking forward to a meaningful time in Lent!